You can order this white Doe Swing Dress by WISH online from Alibi Online

All Hail The Swing Dress!

Anyone remember the song ‘Man I feel like a women!’ by Shania Twain? It could well have been written about the Swing Dress.


Over the years there has been a lot of debate on what the song is actually about, with many varied theories, ranging from it being everything from a celebration of being a woman, to a song that champions gay rights, being attributed to it.


Whatever it is about may never be truly known, but to our minds it could have just as easily been written about the Swing Dress.

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Ever wanted to buy a dress online? Check out these 6 great reasons for doing so.

6 Reasons To Buy A Dress Online

Ten years ago, if you were to predict the sheer number and spend of the people who buy a dress online globally in 2014 I would have called you deluded.


But how wrong was I?


In 2012 online retail sales topped $50 billion globally for the first time and of this it has been estimated variously that some 5-10% was spent on clothes.


If you are an established online fashion shopper you will be all too aware of the benefits of purchasing dresses on the internet. If you are yet to buy a dress online try it however this overview of 6 reasons to buy a dress online may well inspire you to do so.

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Launched in 2008 Frockwriter is a popular fashion blog written by Patty Huntington


A fashion news blog based out of Sydney, Frockwriter was created by Patty Huntington.


An accomplished writer Patty Huntington is the current Australian correspondent for WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) and in the past has been a gossip columnist for The Sun Herald as well as a fashion reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald, and In addition she has also worked as a researcher, producer and reporter for the Seven Network, Nine Network, ABC, CNN and Reuters Hong Kong, so she knows the industry well.

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You can buy this Tiffany Rose Chloe Lace Evening Dress from Queen Bee Maternity

Who Says You Can’t Wear Stylish Maternity Dresses?

There has long since been a myth that you can’t find stylish maternity dresses to wear when you are pregnant, but nothing can be further from the truth. Particularly where Queen Bee Maternity are concerned.


A Google Trusted Store, Queen Bee Maternity have offering pregnant women stylish maternity dresses since 2005. Now Australia’s leading online style boutique for pregnancy and motherhood they stock a fabulous range of designer maternity clothes for all occasions – ranging from swimwear and jeans to formal dresses and lingerie. In addition they also have a range of related accessories including nappy bags, blankets and nursing covers.


Based in Sydney they showcase over 60 Australian and international labels including such major brands as Trimester, Preggers, Espirit Maternity, Floressa, Mavi Maternity Jeans, Ripe Maternity, Seraphine Maternity dresses, Maternal America and Dote nursing wear.

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